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Saybolt is a famous & renowned name in the Bangladesh market and concerned international market as well. At our primitive stage in 1991, we were very small company. Today, we are one of the leading group of companies in Bangladesh where professionalism and success has been working together.

Saybolt Group is dealing the following business :
Shipping Agency handling.
International freight forwarding.
Survey / Inspection.
Internet Service Providing.
Printing, Publishing and Advertising.

We are providing the best level of services in the above fields of business for ensuring continuous growth of success.

Now a day, we are the market leading in the field of international freight forwarding business in Bangladesh. The same adjective is applicable for our survey/Inspection department while other concerns are also doing very good.

We are financially sound & solvent. Our annual turnover is around $ 21 million. We have our two own office buildings ; Head Office is located in Dhaka and Branch Office is in Chittagong. There are around 125 employees are working with us on permanent basis.

Saybolt is dedicated and loyal to their customers and always ready to fulfill their requirements in an easier way. We are standing in the present position due our diligence, perseverance, commitment, dedication, sincerity, honesty, integrity, trustworthy, loyalty, solidarity, prosperity, skilled manpower and sound financial background. Our corporate purpose is long-term success through serving the unique services toward our clients.


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